Friday, August 22, 2008

For My Sake

"Never let go of the truth, even in the face of laughter."

Spontaneous picture idea.

Monday, August 11, 2008

CSSSA Experience

So, I'm back from CSSSA(The California State Summer School for the Arts). As usual. it was amazing, with visiting artists such as Stephen Grueber(spl?), Mark Walsh, Bobby Podesta, and a background artist from Nickelodeon currently working on the "Mighty B!" show.

Despite the dramatic faculty change from last year, I learned quite a few new tricks this year. My shading skills have improved under the instruction of Jonny Gomez, and I've developed a new love for contour drawings after classes by Steve Brown. There's much to be applied and built upon in the future, so I'm quite excited to explore these techniques in new ways.

The animators were spoiled this year, with a few classes taught by the visiting artists Mark Walsh and Bobby Podesta(mentioned above) concerning storyboarding and animation principles. We were taught to keyframe and always add a sense of personality to whatever we were animating. And, of course, we were taught the basics of squash/stretch, weight, etc.

My life drawings have improved, I think. I compared my CSSSA sketchbook from last year to this year's, and there's such a change. It's fantastic, I hope to share some pages with you guys!

The CalArts portfolio deadline is December 1st. Time to get started. :)