Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jerk wad!

So, yeah.

I haven't updated here in a while.

So, I got into CalArts. Crazy, eh? I'm really happy that everything paid off. I'm thinking of posting my portfolio here for anyone who'd like to see it, I know there are a few people I told I would e-mail with the images. I basically sent in 20-22 portfolio drawings(all figure drawings), and a smaller portfolio with I think 25-40 pages(I'm not sure) in which I tore out life drawings from other sketchbooks. These included sketches from school life, animals, etc. No cartoons. There were no nude drawings in my portfolio- all figure drawings were done at CSSSA if I remember correctly. And the life drawings were done, well, everywhere.

I can't believe I'll be going there in the fall. Sure, I'll be paying quite a bit of money, but if it means I get a chance at a school like this, then so be it. I'm willing to work.

In the news of animated movies, I thoroughly enjoyed the February release Coraline. The film was beautifully animated, though I myself am unable to judge how faithful it stayed to Neil Gaiman book. I plan on reading it soon.

Bolt isn't a bad movie. Not amazing, but still a very good movie. Good for a 3D Disney film, if you don't count the Pixar hits. Fantastic animation. I enjoyed the character design in this movie, though Penni's look felt cliche when compared to other girl characters in animated films and shows, not to mention Disney's casting of Miley Cyrus for the part, which seemed based far more on financial gain than for the sake of story. However, I love the designs for all of the cats in the film, especially enjoying the fluffy, fat one in the beginning. I like Bolt's design, but his head is rather large for a dog of the German Shepherd breed.

Monsters VS Aliens was just what I had expected from it. I thought it would be funny, and it was. I can't say it was much more than that, however I enjoyed the look of the film, particularly of some of the character's designs. B.O.B. and The Missing Link were beautiful to view. Dr. Cockroach held a very interesting design, and completes the job by the addition of Hugh Laurie's voice, one of my favorite actors. Susan's design seemed to hold the same characteristics as Penni from Bolt, and therefore I disliked her look.

I look forward to Pixar's Up soon to be released. I'm still a little unsure of the story, but regardless, Pixar has a way of confusing me with their trailers and impressing me with their films. I'll wait to find out.

If there's one film I truly want to succeed, it's Disney's The Princess and the Frog. This movie marks Disney's possible return to traditional 2D animation. With this in mind, I eagerly await the results of it's release. I truly hope it is successful, for that could lead to numerous 2D films in the making. Oh, how I long for another golden age in traditional animation as displayed in the 90's!

In other news, my birthday is in a week and a half. Not that it probably means much to people reading this, but it's fun to tell anyways. Turning 18.