Sunday, July 19, 2009

Character Design: Labs

These are a couple different renditions of a design I did for a friend of a labrador retriever puppy. I absolutely love character design. It's so fascinating, and may very well be my job of choice when it comes to the film/animation industry. There's so much psychology between designing the look of the character based on who they are.

Take these pups for example. I tried to exaggerate certain features which our minds idenify as "cute". Big eyes, huge head compared to the chubby body, big paws which tell us that these pups are probably a bit clumsy when they walk or run, and of course, the large floppy ears. I absolutely love the science behind it all, it gives me a great excuse to go and study sociology/psychology.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Melissa! Your designs are so original and unique! You really nailed the chubbiness, and it makes them so cute and it brings out the characteristics of puppies. You are such a good character designer Melissa! Keep it up!