Monday, January 18, 2010

Mockingbird Animatic

Here's a completed animatic for my film! There's no sound, but all the shots are there, even if they're a bit rough.


  1. Nice. But why not stay with ONE of those ideas and milk it for character? It seems that just when the situation with the cat gets interesting, it changes to a fish. I'd pick ONE of them and milk it for CHARACTER. After all, isn't that what your'e studying? CHARACTER ANIMATION? Also, I really hope you do your homework and REALLY pick up on the subtleties of how cats react to situations like that. It could get HUGE laughs. They move so little, and so specifically!


  2. Maybe the bird is patient...and the bird making fun of it gets bigger and bigger and more bold. The bird could fly to the window and really go at it...not realizing the window is open...revealing the window is open by something very subtle like the cat's tail crossing the sash...

  3. By switching situations (from cat to fish to dog), you're asking the audience to readjust to a new situation, just when they were getting acclimated to the previous one. You're using up precious time that way. Stick to one of them.