Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Kill A Mockingbird - Completed Film


  1. Beautiful job! I like the changes you made between this and the original animatic. It works so well. And your drawings/characters are lovely. :)

  2. Out of all the films I have seen from this year, this is definitely one of my favorites. I think it is the best freshman film I have seen so far! I love how smooth the animation is, the concept is just great, and your character designs are awesome.

    I'm Kari by the way, I'll be attending CalArts this fall for Character Animation. I can't wait to meet you and hopefully some of your talent will rub off on me ;)

    I was also hoping for some advice on things I should do before I get to Calarts. What should I do this summer? (other than draw draw draw) Should I animate a lot or focus on life drawing more? I have heard people say I should learn to animate before I get there. xD

    Thanks for the advice. You are amazing! :)

  3. Late response, sorry! Thank you for both of your comments! =)

    Kari - Yes, draw draw draw, there's not really too much you can do other than that. Really, I would say things don't always "click" until you start attending school and are immersed in it. Just draw everything around you! The animation thing is different for different people. I went there without any real prior experience in studying animation and haven't noticed any shortcomings in the education here.

    I've noticed that animation is a lot like drawing in itself- you can't really teach it, you can only be pushed in the right direction and receive critique for work you've already done. From there you can really learn from your mistakes and what you did right. =)

  4. aww the bird fluffing its feathers made me smile :) I've always wanted to try animating that. I find it very cute when birds to that :))