Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lute Hero

For Robert Lence's story class this year we had a project to take two random words and create a story idea out of it. After brainstorming we pitched the idea in class along with a possible movie poster.

I was paired with my good friend Brittany McCarthy and ended up with the words, "Medieval Life" and "Battle". This resulted in a story about a lute player who strives to be heard at a jousting match. The is the poster we worked on. Brittany drew the lute player and I drew the knights and colored it.

I might be posting more visual development for this project in the future. =)


  1. According to this and what Mallory told me, it seems most people actually got COOL words XD After a whole semester, I am STILL bitter about getting "pig farmer, spam, yellowstone national park"

  2. Haha wow, that would make a very interesting story. Yeah I'd agree that most words were pretty easy to mend into a story, at least for our class.